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1."We don't know for sure what will happen in the next few months," Coe said, braving the rain on the track. "We are absolutely committed to working with the organizing committee for the delivery of a fantastic games, though there have to be some adaptions.。
2."We all agreed it was critical to deliver the season... as basketball finds itself on the doorstep of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics where the Australian Opals are eying glory again and, just twelve months later, the 2022 FIBA Women's Basketball World Cup will be hosted by Sydney." Enditem。
3.Uruguay will host Chile on Thursday and then go on to play in Ecuador on October 13. Enditem。
4.Loew has worsened his situation by stating he stands above all critics as he has experienced them for nearly 16 years.。
5.Sichuan led 42-22 in paint points, and scored 15 points in fast breaks.。
6.Spain are in a good position in their Nations League group after sneaking a late goal that gave them a 1-1 draw away to Germany in their opening game in September, and followed that up with a 4-0 demolition of Ukraine in which Ansu scored an excellent debut goal.。


1.Playing at a high level for a decade, Ji said she has no secret other than self-discipline and hard work.。
2.Team play was lacking but at least the defense was doing its job by keeping the lurking Scots away from the penalty box. As a result, the first half did not produce a single shot a goal on either side.。
3.The 21-year-old Kenin, by contrast, has escaped some tough battles en route to Saturday's showdown as four of her six matches have been decided in the third set and in two matches she had to fight from one set down.。
4.Ji is going through her fourth season in a duel role from the 2017-18 season.。
5."Jiangsu's team chemistry is better than us, as they have played for quite a long time. We suffered some problems in our defense, and didn't restrain their character," Xinjiang coach Gao Fengjuan lamented. Enditem。
6.Luis Enrique will make changes to his side on Saturday with goalkeeper David de Gea likely to replace Kepa Arrizabalaga, who will have been happy to keep a clean sheet in Lisbon after his recent troubles at Chelsea.。


1.Guo Zixuan scored 10 points in the first quarter as Hebei led at 27-21, while Zhejiang, tagged by its three-pointer shooting, was held to 0 of 4 from 3-point range down the stretch.。
2.Commenting on the development, several soccer fans commended the government for considering them on the matter.。
3.The home side broke the deadlock in the 18th minutes as Bryan Cristante steered his header into the net off Jack Bonaventura's corner.。
4.Out of love, Ji kept practicing dribbling and shooting all year long during her primary school.。
5."Although there are many traditional Tai Chi schools, I welcome anyone who likes martial arts and traditional culture to join us, regardless of factions," she explained.。
6.Carrington came into contact with Sam Craigie on Sunday, so both players have been withdrawn from the event.。


1、Robinho, who parted ways with Turkish side Istanbul Basaksehi in August, played for Santos from 2002 to 2005 and returned for a six-month loan spell in 2010.。
2、The 28-year-old, who joined the Bundesliga club last month from Atletico Madrid, is expected to miss at least six months.。
3、MONTEVIDEO, Oct. 9 (Xinhua) -- Real Madrid and Uruguay international midfielder Federico Valverde said Friday that he is not yet close to fulfilling his potential, vowing to continue learning from his more experienced teammates.。
4、Queiroz said the move had nothing to do with planning for the next match against Chile in Santiago on Tuesday.。
5、Meanwhile, football training is to start in mid-October to prepare teams for the start of Malawi's top league in November.。


"The Bronze medal was a breakthrough for Chinese golf, but China has won so many gold medals in other sports, so I think Chinese golf needs a gold medal," she said.!


  • 交流 10-31

    Zhejiang jumped into a 14-5 lead, before Henan regrouped and tied the first quarter at 23-23 through top draft Fang Min's stunning buzzer-beater.

  • 膜扫 10-30

    "We played badly today, especially in the first quarter. We had many mistakes on the court, which was indescribable," rued Henan coach Li Jianxin. Enditem

  • 强者 10-29

    The 31-year-old Liu shot 13 of 20 from the floor and pocketed 29 points. Xing Jinbo led the Shanxi bench with 16 points. Wu Tongtong and Yu Dong nailed 17 and 13 respectively.

  • 情普 10-28

    Wang won the hearts of the spectators in the stands with her outstanding performances, but she couldn't win the support from her mother, who believed girls should be elegant and focus on their academic studies. Wang only managed to convince her mother when she received an offer from a top high school because of her football talent.

  • 斗了 10-27

    KUNMING, Oct. 11 (Xinhua) -- Wuhan Jianghan University claimed its first Chinese Football Association (CFA) Women's Super League title, defeating Jiangsu Suning 4-0 in the final here on Sunday.

  • 变成 10-26

    Wang Haimei pocketed 27 points for Zhejiang as a substitute and guard Wang Jiaqi laid on 15 assists.

  • 根本 10-25

    Zhang said that there were nine teams about 100 players altogether to compete for the championship against his team, "I really hope we can make it to the last minute. Fighting!"

  • 追来 10-24

    Argentina's next qualifier will be against Bolivia in La Paz next Tuesday. Enditem

  • 薄弱 10-23

    China's top player Ding Junhui came from 3-0 down to beat compatriot Si Jiahui 4-3 while world champion Ronnie O'Sullivan also fought back from 2-0 down to knock out Frenchman Brian Ochoiski, 4-2.

  • 们佛 10-22

    Despite going into Tuesday's match as firm favorites, Brazil cannot afford to take their opponents lightly, Firmino warned.

  • 神至 10-21

    "We are not a strong side. After playing such an intense game, we can improve in mentality and carrying out tactics," Wuhan coach Li Xin commented.

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